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insert text.TALVIA is a worldwide movement of enlightened individuals dedicated to universal betterment through continual personal transformation and mutual support. We believe we are the architects of our own present and future happiness, and that the cumulative effect our lives will have a positive impact upon the world.

The Principles and Practices of TALVIA are ancient, simple, and effective to this end. Our mission is to disseminate these Principles and Practices and to provide support to all seekers, especially those among the underprivileged youth of our world.

We accomplish our mission through personal contact, group formation, and community development. We work with ourselves first and then with those around us to correct those things that present themselves through enhanced awareness. We support one another. We blossom together.

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January 22-February 21

Eleventh Month (RUACH/SPIRIT)Eleventh Month (RUACH/SPIRIT) This month belongs to the Spirit, Wind, Thoughts. The correction this moneht is to be aware that we live in two additional demensions: the one we see and the things that are hidden from view. All Exists but not all is Seen. Two demensions. Two existences. Accept the unchangeable things in the Mico, things that are not under your control. Accept things the way they are. You may not be able to change them, but you can try. To let go and truly accept things (like genetics, relationships, nature) requires courage. Live in peace with things you cannot change. With Courage, you must release these things for the good of yourself and society.

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