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Frequently Asked Questions (FAQs)

We have prepared a list of frequently asked questions and it is the fastest way to get answers. If your question is not covered within this section, do not hesitate to submit your questions or comments through our contact page.

  • How can Talvia help me?
  • Talvia will make you the architect of your own happiness through a straightforward process of monthly self-examination and correction.
  • What is the history of Talvia?
  • The Principles and Practices of Talvia date back at least to the time of Abraham. Until this era in which we live, however, they were passed down from teacher to follower in secret because they did not comport with, and therefore threatened, existing religious traditions which sought to control, rather than set free, the individual.
  • Is Talvia a religion?
  • No. Talvia is a movement of enlightened in individuals who seek to improve the world by improving themselves. Talvia is non-sectarian and tolerant.
  • Do I have to "join" Talvia?
  • No. You just have to "do it".
  • What does Talvia cost?
  • Nothing. We give it to you with love.
  • Can I get personal help?
  • Yes. You can contact us with any question at all.
  • What about my privacy?
  • We are utterly committed to respecting and protecting your privacy in all matters.