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Talvia Principles and Practices

"The basic Principle of Talvia is that we have the obligation and the means to change ourselves for the better, but that such change is best achieved on an incremental basis through enhanced awareness and guided monthly correction. The Talvidic Calendar, together with the Four Quarters, provides the awareness and focus for each month's correction.

The Practice of Talvia is designed to simplify our focus to one correction per month, thus freeing ourselves from all other concerns that are not germane to that particular correction. The result of such focus is accomplishment. The result of accomplishment is satisfaction."



The Talvidic Year begins on the Vernal Equinox in the Month of Emonah (or March)

March 22-April 22

First Month (EMONAH/BELIEF)First Month (EMONAH/BELIEF) The Correction of this Month is in the Belief System. The Correction is to be tolerant of other tolerant Beliefs, even Unbelief, which is the strongest Belief. This is the Month to be open to other Cultures, to focus on the Other. This is the Month to find my own facet in the Talvidic Diamond, to become my own God or Goddess. To be good to myself and to treat others in the best way I can. In so doing, it will be better for me in the Micro and the world in the Macro.

April 22-May 22

Second Month (SHEM/REPUTE)Second Month (SHEM/REPUTE) The Correction this Month concerns your value as a person, as a human being. This is the Month to improve your reputation, to build a name, to leave a legacy, for your own benefit and for those around you. To try to understand yourself as the person others see. To donate your time and resources to others for the good of the Universe. To share the Principles and Practices of Talvia with others so that the World will become a better place. To give for support of the cause, the mission, the movement.

May 22-June 22

Third Month (KFEELUTE/DUALITY)Third Month (KFEELUTE/DUALITY) This is the Month we must attempt to be aware that we live in two dimensions, one we see, one we choose not to see, to employ the dualistic thinking that will rule the future: Imagination and Reality. Imagination creates reality. In this month you must act upon your dreams, your wishes, your imagination, to make these things real, to bring them to life. Society suppresses those who actually live and think like this (for example, DaVinci, Galileo, Einstein, Edison) but we must encourage it. Be strong in the Spirit and the Materialistic. Embrace the Myst. Receive More and Give More. Improve the Universe. Be the Best.

June 22-July 22

Fourth Month (TACHARUTE/COMPETITION)Fourth Month (TACHARUTE/COMPETITION) This is the Month for the Correction of the desire for Competition. This desire is innate, evolutionary. We are the product of the success of this desire, but now is the month for the Correction of this desire. We must turn it upon ourselves, make ourselves the standard to beat and thereby avoid the negative competition and embrace the positive competition. This is especially true in our Family and Friendships, for example, by sharing with others the secrets of our winning ways in those areas where we have special talents and skills. The Journey is the Way. During this Journey we are already winning by gaining knowledge and advancing forward. Every step is a win for us and for those around us.

July 22-August 22

Fifth Month (KAVOD/RESPECT)Fifth Month (KAVOD/RESPECT) The Ego demands respect but must learn to earn the respect it demands. It must exchange the demand for respect by dropping the demand itself for this month. Earn Respect by practicing Respect for others. This is the Correction of this Month. It is tricky. We cannot control what others think. This vulnerability must become our strength. This month we must create the respect our Ego demands by earning it in the eyes of others through our positive actions. We must strive to be real and live in Harmony with our Environment and the people in it (family, neighbors, co-workers). This is what we desire: to have a positive impact upon the World.

August 22-September 22

Sixth Month (YACHASIM/RELATIONSHIP)Sixth Month (YACHASIM/RELATIONSHIP) This is the month for Correction in the area of Relationship. People generally do not realize the value that derives from their relationships in the eyes of others. We all desire the value we get from our Relationships, and specifically the pair Relationship, but we fail to realize how we can increase that value. For Men and Women, they should seek to understand the differences between the sexes with the aim of advancing one another. Create mutual value by praise and enhancement of the other and helping in weak areas. For singles, they must focus on what they want in the relationship they desire.

September 22-October 22

Seventh Month (BINAH/WISDOM)Seventh Month (BINAH/WISDOM) This month we Correct ourselves and advance from being right to being smart, from Intelligence to Wisdom. We must have Wisdom to distinguish between those things we must accept and those things we can change. Justice and Mercy may seem opposite but are complementary. Flexibility is key. Bend to win. In Relationships, avoid confrontations and compromise for the good of the two. Understand that Justice is relative to the observer. Seek to understand the motives of others. With time, you will learn to "read" the subconscious level of others and you will reach and know the unseen powers and/or fears that rule their minds.

October 22-November 22

Eighth Month (TSHUKAH/EROTICA)Eighth Month (TSHUKAH/EROTICA) This is the month we gather more knowledge about how to give intimate pleasure to our partner. Each takes the responsibility to understand that sex is intended for pleasure, to taste life, to bond between partners on a godlike level. Sex between lovers is like a secret part of Nature, a place where we can be utterly natural. But it must be free and secret, for the lovers only and no one else, where they both mutually agree to enjoy each other in privacy. Follow only consensual, age-appropriate sexual desires, understanding that the suppression of our natural desires creates unbalanced desires that can produce criminal behavior, which we punish.

November 22-December 22

Ninth Month (AHAVA/LOVE)Ninth Month (AHAVA/LOVE) The Correction is Love. The arrow that Cupid sends to make two fall in love, but also the love of friends, neighbors, fellow humans - forever Love, endless Love. This month we will receive extra wisdom, more than usual, to see how we have an effect upon Nature, how we influence events when we are in balance. We give the Other a higher level of importance. Love is giving value to the Other. To give Love is to receive joy. We lose nothing by giving Love. Rather, we receive More. Love Others as Self. In This kind of egoism will make you happy. Open your heart and love the others as they are. But first, love yourself, take care of yourself from head to toe, and Love will flow from you. Success is guaranteed.

December 22-January 22

Tenth Month (ERECH/VALUE)Tenth Month (ERECH/VALUE) This Month belongs to the Earth. The Correction this Month is in the Value I get from material things I possess. The value I get from having More. In the Micro, realize that your desire to have more is good because you will be worth more. You will ignite your maximum internal potential by striving to fulfill your desire. In the Macro, this month is about the possessions of a country, like oil, minerals, water, wood, natural resources, the Treasury of the State. As the material riches of the Earth, so are the internal treasures of the Human Being. You are your own treasure and have the potential to discover it within you. Fulfill your economic potential and your value as a person will increase.

January 22-February 22

Eleventh Month (RUACH/SPIRIT)Eleventh Month (RUACH/SPIRIT) This month belongs to the Spirit, Wind, Thoughts. The correction this moneht is to be aware that we live in two additional demensions: the one we see and the things that are hidden from view. All Exists but not all is Seen. Two demensions. Two existences. Accept the unchangeable things in the Mico, things that are not under your control. Accept things the way they are. You may not be able to change them, but you can try. To let go and truly accept things (like genetics, relationships, nature) requires courage. Live in peace with things you cannot change. With Courage, you must release these things for the good of yourself and society.

February 22-March 22

Twelfth Month (SAKRANUTE/CURIOSITY)Twelfth Month (SAKRANUTE/CURIOSITY) The Correction in the month is in the drive for Curiosity. Knowledge is Power, but the other side of Curiosity is voyeurism and gossip. People and Governments seek to invade privacy to increase their power. People like to gossip about other people. We should direct our curiosity toward the good purposes and refrain from the evil purposes. Be conscious of yourself and redirect all you energy from gossip to other subjects that will enhance your life. In the Macro, we must restrain the State from using its power through secret organizations to spy on its own citizens.